A value ingrained in our culture, it is an equal deliverable the same way that cost, quality, and schedule are to our clients.

a value ingrained in our culture. It is an equal deliverable the same way that cost, quality and schedule are to our clients. We are committed to work safely, efficiently and with due regard for the environment. Safety considerations shall be given first priority over all others in matters of design, methods, materials and equipment construction and operations of all the projects we undertake. That’s because we work to see that everyone — our employees, clients, partners, vendors and others — are always safe.

Our Safety and Health Plan as described in our safety work procedures are in consonance with international safety and health standards and our goal is to eliminate accidents totally from our operations.

Zero recordable incidents is always our project goal. Our company mandates all employees to act as per the Safety Manual at all times and to be constantly mindful of our ultimate goal in becoming an accident free company.


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