Renovation of Al Salam Tunnel in Jeddah

Start: April 2013 | Finish: October 2017
Status: Completed


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Contract Type:


Saudi Aramco


Client Consultant:

Design Consultant:

Project Description:

The Al-Salam tunnel is basically 800m long 2 carriage way 4lens for each side, rehabilitation of tunnel projects located at Andalus District of Jeddah.

Work Include:

•Temporary support system to lift-up the intersection slab to allow repair wok to abutments approximately lifting around 8000 ton
•Dismantling and re-fixing precast concrete panels after completing repair works of internal walls approximate quantity 4500m2
•Repair the retaining walls using form and pump technique apply cathodic protection using sacrified anod and micro concrete 4500m2
•Change bearings pods (elostometric bearing 48pcs)
•Apply anti-carbonation paint 2 cross coats for the retaining walls decorative concrete precast panels middle jersey barriers
•Lighting works inside the tunnel
•Asphalt and landscape works

What our clients say about us?

• Good planning, coordination and execution of activities, work processes and critical operation. Good effort made to keep on schedule.
• Excellent management structure and reporting procedure.
• HSE representative has good knowledge and experience. Performance was above the acceptable standard.
Conclusion: General Performance exceeds expectations.

Dr. Engr. Salah Attia Abdelzaher

Director Projects JODC (Director of infrastructure and MEP)

Jabal Omar Development Company

Impressed with the project team’s expertise and hands on experience with road projects.

They have consistently delivered against project objectives and proved as most reliable construction partner.

Khaled El Kholy

Project Engineer

Umm Al Qura for Development & Construction

Always delighted to work with Shade team; our trusted EPC partner.

Their proactive approach has added value to each stage of the development and we have always been able to rely on their team to provide a very high quality, cost effective and robust results.

Ahmed Basiony

Project Manager

Nesma & Partners

The staff employed by Shade for the project, have supported us to deliver a challenging scheme on time, budget, quality and specification, which has resulted in us keeping promise of delivering key infrastructure for Makkah on time & budget.

Mostafa Sayed

Project Manager

Jabal Omar Development Authority

To have qualified construction partner as Shade, is key for the success of the project, especially something as complicated as Bridge road E.

Their competent site team supported us in execution as well as their planning process contribute to on time delivery

Amro Khatab

Project Manager

Khatib & Alami

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