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Status: Completed


No. Award Year Project Title as per Contrract Project Client/Main Contractor Location
1 2008 North Park Bridges Access Roads Security Gates Ali M. Al Ajinah Dhahran
2 2008 Relocation of Buildings,Water Irrigation System Ali M. Al Ajinah Dhahran
3 2010 KAPSARC Substructure Concrete Works Package Gulf Elite General Contracting Co. Riyadh
4 2010 Aramco Sports Facility Saudi Aramco Dhahran
5 2011 Dammam Tunnel Eastern Province Municipality Dammam
6 2013 Replace Psychiatric Facivilties Dhahran Saudi Aramco Dhahran
7 2013 Granite - Admin. Building KFCA Causeway KFCA
8 2013 Granite - Government Building KFCA Causeway KFCA
9 2013 Installation of Electrical Cable to Reception Hall Lane Sau KFCA Causeway KFCA
10 2013 Asphalting Removing Bus of Terminal Bldg Saudi Side KFCA Causeway KFCA
11 2013 Riyadh Bridge Riyadh Municipality Riyadh
12 2013 MWO 50055090 Bldg # 318, CL # U-461 Saudi Aramco Dhahran
13 2013 Renovation of Building 3165 Saudi Aramco Dhahran
14 2013 Upgrade 2291 Fume Hood System to Match Phase Saudi Aramco Dhahran
15 2016 Additional Power Supply at Building 3181 Saudi Aramco Dhahran
16 2017 Bldg#3030 CL#U-926 Dh. (Change Power Supply Source to TV Studio to 220 VAC) Saudi Aramco Dhahran
17 2017 3 HVAC Units RT, CL#U-969 Saudi Aramco Dhahran
18 2017 Upgrade Sewer Line Qurayyah Beach CL# U-1034 Saudi Aramco Qurayyah
19 2017 HVAC Works - Bldg # 3175 CL #-1028 Dh Saudi Aramco Dhahran
20 2017 2 Booster Pumps Bldg# 9157 CL#U-1035 Dh Saudi Aramco Dhahran
21 2017 Sewage Plant, CL.#U-1062 RT Saudi Aramco Dhahran
22 2013 Renovation Admin Building 175 & 176 Saudi Aramco Dhahran
23 2013 Bridges in the Cities of EP Municipality - Khobar Bridge Eastern Province Municipality Khobar
24 2013 Bridges in the Cities of EP Municipality - Prince Naif Eastern Province Municipality Dammam
25 2013 Bridges in the Cities of EP Municipality - Prince Naif Eastern Provience Municipality
26 2014 Drinking Water Distribution Network Saudi Aramco Dhahran
27 2014 Renovation of Al Salama Tunnel Jeddah Jeddah Municipality Jeddah
28 2014 Home Ownership Lots Development, Increment VIII, Phase I, Abqaiq (Req. No. 3000527951) Saudi Aramco Abqaiq
29 2015 Haramain High Speed Rail Segment B – Rail Bridge 70+039 ARC (Al-Rajhi Contracting) Jeddah
30 2015 To Complete Roads in Eastern Area Group 10 Bin Ajinah Group Khafji
31 2015 Home Ownership Lots Development, Increment III, Phase 2A, Al Hassa Saudi Aramco Al Hassa
32 2015 Sulphur Pit Roof Slab Replacement & Repair Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura
33 2016 Drinking Water Distribution Network Remaining Works Saudi Aramco Dhahran
34 2016 Riyadh Metro Slab on Grade BACS (Ar Riyadh Development Authority) Riyadh
35 2016 Electric Utilities Relocation-MSSD North Saudi Aramco Dhahran
36 2016 Major Utilities - EXPEC ARC Dhahran Saudi Aramco Dhahran
37 2016 Replacement of expansion Joints of Azizya Bridge KFCA Khobar
38 2017 Mangrove Eco Park - Rahima Saudi Aramco Rahima
39 2017 SWCC Water Supply Connection in Dhahran Saudi Aramco Dhahran
40 2017 development of passport paths and cabins -Bahrain Side KFCA Bahrain
41 2017 enlargement of passport cabin - Vip Path - Bahrain Side KFCA Bahrain
42 2017 Crack Repair of King Fahd Causeway and Azizya Bridge KFCA Khobar
43 2017 Constrution of OME Building - NAPD Khursaniyah Saudi Aramco Khursaniyah
44 2017 Enabling Works of Dana bay water park Dana bay Tourism Co. Khobar
45 2017 Development of Home Ownership Lots Ar-Rabiyah Phase V Saudi Aramco Rabiyah - Dhahran
46 2017 Completion, Development, Organization of Intersections, Bridges & Tunnels in King Faisal Road Madinah Development Authority Madinah
47 2018 Construction, Testing, Commissioning & Completion of Bridge Road E Jabal Omar Development Company Makkah
48 2018 Crack Repair of King Fahd Causeway and Azizya Bridge KFCA Khobar
49 2018 Water Network At Guards Camps - Al Hassa National Guard Al Hassa
50 2018 Upgrade Security Facilities at Qurayyah Saudi Aramco Qurayyah
51 2018 Green Path - Bhahrain Side KFCA KFCA - Bahrain
52 2019 CTW 130 Sadara Rail Project & Jubail Railway Network Project Yapi Merkezi Sadara
53 2019 SPARK - Waste Water Connection to MODON Saudi Aramco SPARK, Abqaiq
54 2019 KAAR ST05 2nd Ring Road Underpass Regional Bus Station MASAAR / NESMA & Partners Makkah
55 2021 Temporary Construction Facility Haradh Saudi Aramco / Azmeel Haradh
56 2021 Non-Metallic Piping Manufacturing Plant Novel / Baker Hughes SPARK
57 2021 IT Lab of Excellence Saudi Aramco Midra - Dhahran
58 2023 Jafurah Liquid Mud Plant Halliburton Jafurah

What our clients say about us?

• Good planning, coordination and execution of activities, work processes and critical operation. Good effort made to keep on schedule.
• Excellent management structure and reporting procedure.
• HSE representative has good knowledge and experience. Performance was above the acceptable standard.
Conclusion: General Performance exceeds expectations.

Dr. Engr. Salah Attia Abdelzaher

Director Projects JODC (Director of infrastructure and MEP)

Jabal Omar Development Company

Impressed with the project team’s expertise and hands on experience with road projects.

They have consistently delivered against project objectives and proved as most reliable construction partner.

Khaled El Kholy

Project Engineer

Umm Al Qura for Development & Construction

Always delighted to work with Shade team; our trusted EPC partner.

Their proactive approach has added value to each stage of the development and we have always been able to rely on their team to provide a very high quality, cost effective and robust results.

Ahmed Basiony

Project Manager

Nesma & Partners

The staff employed by Shade for the project, have supported us to deliver a challenging scheme on time, budget, quality and specification, which has resulted in us keeping promise of delivering key infrastructure for Makkah on time & budget.

Mostafa Sayed

Project Manager

Jabal Omar Development Authority

To have qualified construction partner as Shade, is key for the success of the project, especially something as complicated as Bridge road E.

Their competent site team supported us in execution as well as their planning process contribute to on time delivery

Amro Khatab

Project Manager

Khatib & Alami

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