Our Journey

Founded in 1992 by a group of committed professionals, today Shade Corporation has a strong workforce of 2,000 employees across different locations. It has always served clients by providing innovative solutions to deliver capital efficiency and project certainty. Since our inception, we have expanded our services from General Contracting to Construction Management, Project Management, Design/Build, and Value Engineering; and have become integral players in the transportation, industrial, and building sectors.

Shade started as a General Contractor and provided EPC, PM, CM, VE and Design/Built services to clients s such as Aramco, Royal Commission, Ministry of Transportation, SABIC, Maaden, Municipalities, Saudi Bahraini Causeway Authority, Water Directorate, Saudi Electric Company, Saudi Naval Forces, Qatar Petroleum and more.


P.O. Box 7027 Dammam 31462 Saudi Arabia Building No. 5222 Ad Dammam 32414-6124.