Our long history of providing effective engineering services for development and infrastructure projects enables our involvement in building our communities.

We are well known for implementing recognized practices and principles of highway engineering in the development of transportation that connects our communities and regions. We provide road and highway construction management and project services in remote, rural and urban areas in Saudi Arabia, as well as throughout GCC.

We work with municipalities and city and traffic planners to integrate official community plans that focus on increasing density and moving that density efficiently throughout the region, with leading, and sustainable, civil engineering technology.

Our land development team works closely with land developers, municipalities, and public and private sector organizations to engineer sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions that connect and build communities.

We are committed to ongoing education, development and improvement within our industry. Shade specializes in engineering sustainable, best-fit solutions for your challenges. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide a unique mix of experience, talent and leadership to each project, along with the ability to listen to what’s important to you and to deliver the results you need and want.


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