We have significant experience in a wide range of industries of providing efficient building solutions for instrumentation & telecoms – from pre-engineering to implementation. At SHADE, we look carefully at both technical and financial feasibility right from the start. And we’re familiar with the latest technology developments and policies that can help reduce your building management costs.

   • Data Networks/Wireless Connectivity
   • Structural Cabling

Low Current System
   • Access Control & Time Attendant
   • Master Clock System
   • Intrusion Alarm System
   • Close Circuit Television (CCTV)
   • Master Antenna Television (MATV)
   • IP Television (IPTV)
   • Public Address/Voice Evacuation System
   • IP Telephone system/PABX
   • Nurse Call System
   • Audio/Video Intercom System
   • Leak Detection System
   • Parking Management System

Instrumentation and Control
   • Building Management System