Our technical experts constantly look for ways to streamline project delivery methods. Fabrication is one way we can improve capital efficiencies for our Clients, regardless of industry.

We offer a flexible approach to fabrication solutions, with a range of fabrication options to fit our Clients’ specific needs.

SHADE’s comprehensive knowledge of EPC and project management allows us to optimize Clients’ overall fabrication and construction configuration for cost and schedule advantages.

We custom fabricate steel parts. Our capabilities include Flame Cutting, Laser Cutting, Forming, Tube Bending, Welding and powder coating. We specialize in steel, stainless steel and aluminum metals. We can build steel structures big or small. We provide good welding quality, tight material control and fast production.

Our Capabilities:
   • Stamping
   • Deep drawing
   • Fine Blanking
   • Rolling and Bending
   • Laser cutting
   • Progressive tooling design and fabrication

Our Post Processing:
   • Plating
   • Passivation
   • Anodization
   • Polishing
   • Heat Treatment

Our Machines:
   • 75 presses ranging from 16-400 Ton
   • 1 hydraulic press at 500 Ton

Our Qualities and Standards:
   • Industry Standards ASTM standards
   • American Society for Testing and Materials
   • ISO 9001:2008
   • Rolling and Bending
   • International Organization for Standardization
   • RoHS